Tuesday February 17, 2004

updated support for MSN and Y! on its way

i've checked into CVS updated and untested support for the latest jmml (MSN) and ymsgr (Y!) libraries. hopefully i'll have time this weekend to test it. thanks for posting the bug in bugzilla...this is how it gets done :)

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Monday October 27, 2003

jmml updated, MSN support working again

thanks to Leidson Campos at planetamessenger.org, the jmml library has been updated for MSN8, and MSN support now works again! thanks so much! the only issue i see is that it only works consistently in the actual MSN client, and you will have to make sure that the buddy in the from tag (in your ant script) is added to the messagee's list beforehand.

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Tuesday October 21, 2003

problems with MSN manifested, Y! issues being resolved

we've passed the October 15th date for restricting MSN access, and it appears as if ImTask's MSN support is definitely broken. I'm looking into seeing whether to drop it, or if its possible to continue with MSN support.

The Yahoo! messenger issues have been resolved, however, and a new bundle has been released (1.3.5). check the sidebar for the download.


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